Sinusitis and Pregnancy

Pregnancy nasal congestion – it’s a real thing and more common than you might think. However, being congested when you are pregnant isn’t necessarily a sign that you’re sick. Let us explain.

Chronic sinusitis is a condition wherein the area around nasal passages, or sinuses, becomes swollen. The inflammation can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. It can also be the result of allergies or a cold. There is little question that all of these conditions are considered illnesses, so when does sinusitis occur without sickness?

Pregnancy and Your Nose

If you know anything about pregnancy, you know that as far as the body goes, the nine months can be full of the unexpected. One of these surprises may be consistent congestion. This is because, during pregnancy, your body produces more estrogen and more blood, and both can cause inflamed nasal passages. Why? The additional hormone affects the lining of the passages, where the blood affects the vessels within them. What probably won’t come as a surprise is that whatever the reason for the swelling, the result is the same: additional mucus production leading to many of the same signs as sinusitis caused by illness.

How to Treat Pregnancy Sinusitis

Before you begin treating sinus problems during pregnancy, you’ll want to make sure that it really is sinusitis causing your symptoms. Of course, this rings true even if you aren’t pregnant because using the wrong remedies for an illness is not only ineffective and expensive, it can also pose risks. However, during pregnancy, you’ll want to be even more careful with what you take. And even if your sinusitis is correctly diagnosed, many of the traditional over-the-counter and prescription treatments can be harmful. What can you do?

The first step is to get a proper diagnosis, and at CT Sinus Center, we can provide just that. At each of four of our offices – Kent and Waterbury – we have the most up-to-date diagnostic techniques that can determine the cause of your congestion. If your doctor does confirm that the issue is chronic sinusitis, they will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that is safe for you and your baby. You may even be eligible for balloon sinuplasty, a noninvasive, in-house procedure done with local anesthesia, that promotes natural drainage and healing to end sinus suffering permanently. Balloon sinuplasty has minimal downtime and few side effects (if any) and eliminates the need for other medications, making it a viable option for pregnant sinus sufferers.

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For additional information on sinus-related conditions or treatments, read more about CT Sinus Center and take a look at our blog.

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