Say "No" to Lifelong Sinus Medication

If you are one of the 37 percent of Americans who suffer from sinus issues, you have two options: grin and bear it, or treat your condition. The problem is that, unlike the common cold or flusinus problems don’t go away. Sure, they can go into remission for a season or two, but unless you are one of the very few people who actually outgrow their allergies, the discomfort always comes back.

Eventually, even the most resilient sinus sufferer will take some action, whether it be over-the-counter, prescription or both. This treatment can include:

Again, if you only have to resort to these methods once or twice a year at the most, it’s not a big deal. But, if you are constantly seeking sinus relief, you can find that it gets quite costly — and extremely inconvenient. Of course, all of these temporary remedies have side effects as well. Click on the links above for more information on the risks associated with each method of treatment.

Making matters worse is the cost (monetary and otherwise) of constantly treating sinus and allergy problems. A recent study by the Academy of Allergy and Asthma in Primary Care discovered that per year, sinus sufferers (combined):

  • spend $17.5 billion on health costs
  • lose 6 million work and school days
  • make 16 million visits to the doctor

All of these recurrent expenditures can take a toll, and if you’re ready to cut through the repetition and find permanent relief for your sinus condition, come visit us at CT Sinus Center. Our expert physicians will take the time to sit down with you and thoroughly discuss your symptoms, your current treatment regime, and how we can help you find long-lasting relief. You may even be a candidate for turbinate reduction, an out-patient surgery in which nasal tissue is removed to increase airflow, and balloon sinus dilation, a quick in-house procedure done with local anesthesia, that can promote natural drainage and healing, and keep you breathing freely no matter the season.

Calling CT Sinus Center at (860) BALLOON to schedule an your appointment. And then get back to spending that time and money on the things you much rather be spending them on.
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