Is It Sinusitis or Is It Allergies?

It’s happening… again. That all-too-familiar stuffy nose, congestion, coughing – you’re tired of it all. Worst part is: you’re not 100% sure where the problem is even stemming from. Is it sinusitis or is it allergies? You know you cannot fix the issue until you have successfully figured out where it originates. If you’re not a doctor, you may be wondering how you can ever be sure of what precisely is going on. The answer is actually quite simple: come into our office and let us handle it. You can come in for a full evaluation to put your racing thoughts at ease. That’s right, no more wondering.

As more and more people discover the secrets of CT Sinus Center, our schedule will be filling up quickly, so don’t wait to book. Once you have a confirmed appointment, you can sit back and relax knowing you’ll be in very good hands and your problems are soon to go away. In the meantime, you can get a pretty good idea as to whether it’s one condition or another by examining your symptoms. You should pay careful attention to what is going on and how you are feeling since many of the symptoms for allergies and chronic sinusitis are similar.

You may be surprised by how many people think that stuffiness, facial pain or pressure, fatigue, and reduced sense of smell or taste, mean that they have bad allergies. This is often not the case, as these things are more prevalent with sinus infections. If your congested nose and difficulty breathing last more than a week, it’s probably not just a simple cold. Allergies are most likely the culprit in this case, and for that, you’d need more of an antihistamine than a decongestant. On the other hand, it probably is allergies if you have itchy or watery eyes that last several weeks. A sinusitis infection will more often leave your nasal passages inflamed and make you irritable, as it comes with more feelings of fullness, heaviness, and soreness in your sinus cavities.

This doesn’t sound like any fun, does it? Allow your local CT Sinus Center to fix the problem for you, once and for all.

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