Fatigue and Irritability: Sinusitis Symptoms That Hold You Down

Does your sinusitis sometimes make you feel like you just want to crawl into your bed, desperate for any cure under the sun? When your sinus cavities are so clogged that you feel like they could burst, or if they are making your face throb, it is time to solve the problem for good. Right now, you may feel fairly cruddy, but don’t resort to grabbing just any over-the-counter drug you can get your hands on. All of those other solutions are temporary and you will not get permanent relief unless you get yourself to CT Sinus Center. Good thing we have multiple locations throughout the state so you will never have too far to drive when feeling under the weather!

You should definitely do this sooner than later, because aside from the obvious aggravations that come with your symptoms, what you may not realize is that your condition could be taking a toll on your loved ones. Your friends and family may be indirectly impacted by the fatigue and irritability that comes along with sinusitis. Let’s say you are a mother of young children and simply do not feel up to taking them to soccer practice because you just have no energy left at the end of the day. Or, perhaps your mood is affected because of how you feel and you find yourself getting irritated more than usual by your significant other. You know that this is not your normal tone with people; it’s not you. Do not let the fatigue and irritability that come with sinusitis turn you into someone you are not, as nobody likes when someone they care about is in a sour mood.

Take charge of your worst symptoms by picking up the phone and getting yourself over to our office. At CT Sinus Center, our doctors are always here to help. Our goal is getting you back to the best version of yourself. Letting chronic sinus issues affect your life can now be a thing of the past. Wouldn’t you like to have a pleasant Mother’s Day with the people who are most important to you? After a visit with us, we know that you will be spending precious time with them that is enjoyable for everyone. There is no reason you should have to keep living with the pain and pressure once you are aware of our vast capabilities. Don’t wait any longer; get the relief you deserve.

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