Allergy Myths: The Truth Is Out There

Myth: You can outgrow allergies.

Truth: Some children may outgrow their allergies, or become tolerant of them, but the majority of people suffer from allergies their entire lives. In fact, people often develop new allergies as they get older.

Myth: Allergy medications are best taken when symptoms flare up.

Truth: There are many over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications that are designed to provide relief for allergy sufferers, but most people wait to take them until they feel sick. However, once the allergy is in full-swing, it can be difficult to relieve its symptoms. Instead, doctors recommend that people “pretreat” instead by taking the medicine before they are exposed to the allergen, thereby preventing, or at least lessening, the allergic reaction.

Myth: You can build up a tolerance to allergy medications.

Truth: There is a very slight chance of this happening, but it is more likely that the allergies get worse and require a higher dosage of decongestants and/or antihistamines, which have their own side effects and dangers.

Myth: Moving to a dry climate will eliminate allergies.

Truth: A humid atmosphere can host many allergens, but contrary to what some people believe, so can a dry one. First, you can’t move away from everything that brings about allergies; there will always be triggers. Second, dry air causes your nasal passages to become inflamed and dry out, causing mucus to become thick and sticky, which in turn causes congestion and allergy symptoms.

Myth: A short-haired or hypoallergenic pet won’t trigger allergies.

Truth: Unfortunately for the dog or cat lover, there really is no furry friend that is completely non-allergenic. The problem is that the allergen isn’t the fur, it’s the dander – flakes of dead skin – and proteins found in the animal’s saliva and urine. The good news is that there are some dogs and cats that produce fewer allergens than others, but even those can provoke reactions.

Myth: There is no method of permanent allergy relief other than constantly taking medication.

Truth:  Balloon sinus dilation is a non-invasive procedure done in under an hour that can put an end to your allergy suffering forever, alleviating the need for medication altogether. The dilation expands nasal passages, promoting increased airflow, draining and natural healing.

If you are ready to discover the truth about allergies once and for all, call CT Sinus Center today at (860) BALLOON. Our expert physicians will sit down with you and thoroughly discuss your allergy triggers and symptoms and show you why we are the leader in permanent sinus relief. And that is a fact.
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