How much medicine is in each implant?

Each SINUVA Implant contains 1350 mcg of mometasone furoate.

How big is SINUVA?

The approximate length of SINUVA is 20 mm. When prepared for the procedure, the implant will be compressed to a size that is comparable to the head of a cotton swab.

Do patients need to continue to use saline irrigations or nasal sprays after the SINUVA procedure?

Yes, you are encouraged to use both saline irrigations and nasal sprays as directed by your physician.

Can you take other medications with SINUVA?

You should consult with your physician to determine the right therapy plan for you.

What happens to the implant while it’s in your body?

The implant is designed to release medicine over the course of 90 days. The implant gradually softens over time while it is in your sinus.

Will the implant need to be removed?

SINUVA is designed to deliver the drug over the course of 90 days and may be removed at that time or earlier at your doctor’s discretion.

Is it possible to sneeze out the implant?

As the implant softens and polyps decrease, the implant may, in part or in whole, be expelled out of the nose on its own or with actions such as sneezing or forceful nose-blowing.

How well does SINUVA work?

SINUVA is proven to shrink nasal polyps and reduce nasal obstruction and congestion. As it stays in the sinus and continues to release medicine, SINUVA offers sustained symptom relief for up to 90 days.

Who is an ideal candidate for SINUVA treatment?

SINUVA treatment is ideal for adults who have had ethmoid sinus surgery before but now have nasal polyps.

Who should not use SINUVA?

SINUVA is not indicated for patients who

  • Have a known hypersensitivity to the mometasone furoate drug or any of the ingredients in SINUVA.
  • Have nasal ulcers or nasal trauma.