Testimonial: Karen Gallagher

Not again! You wake up with the inability to breath through your nose, and as the day goes on the congestion gets worse. On top of that, you have a headache and a pain or tenderness in your cheeks and nose. The over-the-counter drugs you took are doing nothing to help, and even the medicine your doctor gave you isn’t working. If you’re like Karen Gallagher, who dealt with this scenario her whole life, then it’s time for a permanent solution.

Like many people, Karen suffered from sinus issues her entire life. The pain and frustration of chronic sinusitis was holding her back, and it seemed like it was only getting worse. She decided enough was enough and came into CT Sinus Center for a consultation. Since her sinusitis was severe, Dr. Loughlin suggested she get the balloon dilation surgery. She was initially reluctant to get the surgery done, but after learning more about the procedure, she felt comfortable enough to get it done. Karen said, “Dr. Loughlin is easy to talk to. He understands, and the knowledge he brings to the office makes it easier to go through the process.”

After living with her chronic sinus issues for so long, she couldn’t wait for the relief, but was still nervous about the procedure. At CT Sinus Center, we have a patient-centered approach that ensures that the patient is comfortable (our main concern), and given the proper knowledge about a procedure. So when she shared her concerns with Dr. Loughlin, he answered her questions and went over the procedure again so she had a better understanding. “The surgery was easy; it was pain free. There was a little pressure, but nothing like I imagined,” Karen told us upon receiving the procedure. After the procedure, there was a short one to two day recovery period, and then she was back to doing her normal daily activities.

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