Telemedicine FAQs

How do you set up a telemedicine appointment?

To set up a telehealth appointment, please call us at (203) 574-5997 or request an appointment online.

How do you check-in for a telemedicine visit?

As a patient, you don’t need to create an account with to see your provider. You simply go to to join your doctor for a secure video call. 

Check out these easy instructions from, “How to check-in for your video visit?

What devices can you use for a telemedicine appointment?

For your telemedicine appointment, you can use a PC or MAC, tablet or smartphone for your visit. 

What do you do if you have technical difficulties?

If you are having technical difficulties, has a Help Center with Troubleshooting tips. Check it out to see if it helps resolve your problem. If not, give us a call.