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Turbinate Reductions at CT Sinus Center

Surgically Widen Your Nasal Passage

Turbinates are mainly soft tissue structures within the nose that support your nasal passages and clean the air as it passes through your airway. Sometimes, these structures are inflamed, or enlarged, making air flow more slowly through your nose and leading to many common sinus problems. CT Sinus Center can eliminate this problem by performing a surgery known as turbinate reduction. During this procedure, we can remove the tissue, decreasing the size of the turbinate and quickly increasing airflow.

The benefits of turbinate reductions include:

The Turbinate Reduction Procedure

Prior to your turbinate reduction, you will receive all the necessary instructions from the doctor. You should or should not take certain medications before surgery, like blood thinners, nor should you eat or drink past a specific time the night before your procedure. You will be asked specific questions regarding your health history.

The procedure is done through the nostrils so you cannot see the incision. A small incision is made in the lining of the turbinate and a small amount of bone is removed. Cautery or radiofrequency will then be used to stop bleeding. The surgery is performed same-day and you may be prescribed drugs afterward to keep the discomfort minimal. Some people experience discharge or crusting around the opening to the nostrils for a few days after the procedure so it might be handy to use a humidifier in order to keep things moisturized.

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