Knocked Out by Allergies: Allergic Shiners

“Allergic shiners” occur when congestion in the sinus cavities causes vascular congestion in the small veins under the eyes. In other words, when the sinuses are blocked, nothing around your face drains well. Therefore where usually blood will flow freely through the capillaries under the eyes back to the heart, when there is congestion, the blood pools, creating dark circles and sometimes puffiness. Combine these symptoms with the itchy eyes that are often associated with allergies and the rubbing that accompanies the itch, and you have a recipe for very irritated-looking eyes.

How are allergic shiners different from black eyes?

In the allergic shiner, the blood pools in enlarged veins, where in the other kind caused by impact, there is actually bleeding under the skin due to broken or leaked veins or capillaries. Both types are very visible because the skin under your eyes is extremely thin. In addition, the older you get, the thinner the skin gets, making shiners of any kind seem more prominent.

How do I treat an allergic shiner?

The treatment for allergy-induced under eye circles is the same as for the other symptoms of allergic rhinitis because the goal is to unclog the sinus cavities, therefore releasing any blockage preventing the blood from flowing freely. These treatment methods include:

Or, you can make an appointment with us at CT Sinus Center to find out more information about how through our one-time, innovative procedures, we can put an end to your allergy suffering forever. When you come in, our expert physicians will take the time to sit down with you to discuss your symptoms and then proceed with thorough state-of-the art diagnostic tools to diagnose your condition. Next, they will come up with an individualized treatment plan that is the perfect match for you. You may be eligible for Balloon Sinus Dilation, which will reshape your nasal passages, effectively eliminating the chances of continued problems. Or perhaps Turbinate Reductions, in which the tissue in the nose that supports the nasal passages is decreased, decreasing the size of the turbinate and quickly increasing airflow, is your best bet.

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For more information on allergies and other sinus conditions, visit the CT Sinus Center website and blog.

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