Ear Infection from Sinusitis: Why do I have multiple aches at the same time?

One of the most frustrating things about having cold-like symptoms is that it can come with multiple aches at the same time. If it is chronic sinusitis, you are getting these types of uncomfortable symptoms much more often. It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? When you’re already experiencing pain and pressure in your head (and likely the rest of your face as well), you really don’t want to think of even more places that could be affected by backed up sinuses. Unfortunately, one of the other areas that is very well connected to that whole system-and thus, can eventually feel the pain as well-is the ear.

Otitis Media is another term for a classic ear infection. You will have a pretty good idea of whether you have reached this point if you tug lightly on your pinna, lobule, or tragus (in other words, any outer part of the ear you can easily grasp with your fingers) and it hurts. At later stages, if you leave the problem for even longer, the pain can start becoming apparent on its own (without touching your ear), and may feel like throbbing. Multiple aches at the same time are no fun, let alone just the annoyance from your nose being stuffed up. Instead of letting your sinusitis get to the stage where the congestion has made it over to other parts of your body and causes ear infection, consider getting yourself to our office.

Should you start experiencing any stage of any symptom related to your sinuses, CT Sinus Center is ready and waiting for you. No one wants what could have been a much smaller problem to spread, which is why the prompt treatment found at our office is always best. Although you may not consider a trip to the doctor’s office as one of your favorite things to do, you really should come see us. Not only will the fact that our doctors are so friendly and informative make your visit free of aggravation, but you can simplify the process even further by printing forms from our website in advance. This can get rid of a lot of the potential stress (and waiting) in the waiting room! So, don’t delay and you should have a fairly ache-free day!

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