Don't Let Allergies Cost You Your Job

How many days have you called out of work because of sinus conditions this year?

First, your fall allergies were making you miserable. Then, just as you thought you’d start feeling better, with the unseasonably  warm weather, you may have been experiencing more headaches, sinus pressure, nasal congestion and coughing than you’re used to during the winter months. According to an Urgent Care physician: “We’ve been seeing an increase in patients with sinus infections. Because of the warm weather, many of the allergens you don’t usually see in the winter are sticking around, and people are suffering from worse winter allergies than normal. And then it turns into a sinus infection.”Now that the anticipated winter weather has hit with below-freezing temperatures, brisk winds and snow, you’re having sinus issues on top of dealing with other cold-weather illnesses.

You can try decongestants and antihistamines to get you through the day. Or you can go to the doctor for a round of antibiotics, but with all the information about antibiotic misuse and resistance, this isn’t a route you want to take too many times.

Even if you have found success with these temporary treatments and you were able to get to work, you probably found yourself dragging and not being your most productive. With the winter weather really just beginning, how much productivity will you lose – or worse yet, how many more days will you have to call out? No matter how compassionate your boss is, understanding is limited when it comes to ineffectiveness and absenteeism.

When you’re ready to leave your sinus suffering behind and get back to feeling like you, book an appointment at CT Sinus Center and see how we can help. Our expert physicians will thoroughly assess your symptoms and discuss all of the available treatment options. You may be eligible for balloon sinus dilation, a simple, non-invasive procedure that can put an end to your sinus suffering forever – and it only takes about an hour. Visit our website or call 860-BALLOON for more information!

Say goodbye to your seasonal allergies and save those sick days for a better use.

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