Chronic Coughing in Seniors

In our recent blog “Sinusitis and Aging,” we examined the increased occurrence of sinus issues in the elderly population and how to safely treat them. One of those issues is chronic cough, and while it is common across age groups, in this blog we’re going to specifically delve into what it may mean for those 65+.

A Chronic Cough is Not Just a Cough

Everyone coughs once in a while, however when it lasts eight weeks or longer or keeps returning, it becomes a chronic cough. The condition can be caused by a number of illnesses, including:

All of these underlying causes can create serious health risks for seniors and require medical attention. If you think that one of them may be the cause of your, or a loved one’s, suffering, reach out to our sister office WestwoodENT where you’ll receive expert care for these conditions. Another illness that manifests with a chronic cough is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD is serious, and treatable if caught early, and should be addressed as soon as symptoms appear.

The Role of Sinusitis in Chronic Cough

Sinuses are often the culprit in causing a persistent cough or need to clear your throat because of mucus overproduction and post-nasal drip. So in order to treat the cough, you first have to treat the sinusitis. And while allergy medications can be effective, as people age, they tend to take more daily medication, which increases the potential for drug interactions. Lozenges and throat sprays may provide temporary relief as well, but medicated ones pose the same risk as the other treatments.

There is something you can do.

At CT Sinus Center, we are Connecticut’s leading provider of balloon sinuplasty. This perfectly safe, noninvasive, in-house procedure is done with local anesthesia and can put a permanent end to your sinusitis and its nasty cough. With minimal downtime and few side effects (if any), balloon sinuplasty may the exact treatment you’re looking for.

Call 860-BALLOON to schedule your appointment with our expert physicians to find out how we can help you feeling, and sounding, better. With offices around the state – Kent and Waterbury – relief is in your neighborhood. We also accept Medicare and Medicaid as well as most insurances so you’re covered.

For additional information on sinus-related conditions or treatments, read more about CT Sinus Center and take a look at our blog.

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