When Will It End? How to Stop Chronic Sinusitis for Good

Nobody likes getting a cold. However, when it’s happening all the time, it becomes a bit much. Sinus infections can be more than annoying-they can leave earaches, headaches, and many things beyond the more obvious runny nose in their wake. With chronic sinusitis, some people are left wondering, “When will it end?” Chronic sinusitis can last several weeks for any one case and the postnasal drip can linger thereafter. In some people, it will keep coming back for years.

While there isn’t one single cause of chronic sinusitis, certain things are known to bring it on more frequently. The initial inflammation of the nasal passages when one has a cold or allergies tends to trigger it easily. Especially with people who have compromised immune systems, sinusitis almost feels inevitable once they start to get even a little bit stuffy. Sometimes, chronic sinusitis results from birth defects in the structure of the nasal passages, breathing in mold spores, or developing a nasal polyp-anything that can irritate or block the sinuses and prevent them from draining. The symptoms below may be very familiar to you if you have this recurring condition and have been wishing that you could just stop chronic sinus infections for good:

  • Facial pressure and pressure
  • Cough and congestion
  • Thick, discolored mucous
  • Inability to breathe through the nose

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