Welcome to the Center for Permanent Sinus Relief

Permanent Sinus Relief

Permanent Sinus Relief

When we say “welcome to CT Sinus Center,” what we really mean is: Welcome to your new life. When you leave our office, you very well could be feeling like a whole new you. If you’ve been struggling with allergy or sinus problems throughout your life, relief can feel like such a life-saver. Our mission is to relieve the pressure and other discomforts caused by many common sinus conditions—with minimal to no pain—and return you to your daily responsibilities fast. Our solutions are permanent, unlike many treatments available at other doctor’s offices or over-the-counter drugs. After coming to see us, your problems will not return to haunt you, and you can look forward to much better days… for life.

We have also set up a way for you to download and fill out all paperwork prior to your visit so that the hassle of coming in early to do so is eliminated. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by our friendly staff and escorted in to see one of our highly experienced ENT specialists. Once there, the doctor will take his time to thoroughly evaluate you and answer any questions you may have.

Our top procedures include non-invasive Balloon Sinus Dilation—offered nowhere else from here to Washington D.C.—and Turbinate Reductions. We will never send you into a procedure with you feeling unnecessarily nervous or confused (like you may experience elsewhere). Our aim is to be a team throughout the process, always on your side and making sure you are getting the care you deserve. You are encouraged to talk to your doctor about all your options so the experience is truly a two-way street. Book an appointment today so you too can discover the CT Sinus difference!


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4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Center for Permanent Sinus Relief

  • Stephen McCarthy

    i have sleep apnea and a deviated septum . I breath thru my mouth except at night when I use my Cpap machine , it’s the only time my sinuses are relatively clear , I get sinus headaches …

    • CT Sinus Center Post author

      Hello Stephen,

      Please reach out to us and request an appointment so we can help you with this.

      Best Regards – CT Sinus Center

  • Amanda sordiff

    Hello my name is Amanda. I’ve been battling sinus issues for quite some time now I want to say over a year however this last month and a half I don’t know if I caught a cold or what but it’s like really bringing me down making me almost lethargic like constantly blowing my nose never getting relief it is a real struggle. It really does ruin the quality of my life day to day😢

    • Janel N

      Hi Amanda,

      We’re so sorry that you’re facing such a tough time from your sinuses. If you’re in the CT area we’d be happy to help you get better please go to CTSinusCenter.com or call (860)-BALLOON to schedule a consultation.

      Be Well,
      CT Sinus Center