Testimonial: Devon Richtmeyer

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.01.49 PM“I’ve been getting sinus infections, one after another.”

Sound familiar? If so, you’ll soon learn that you aren’t alone. If you’ve been suffering from regular sinus ailments, recurring sinus infections, sinus pain, facial pain or headaches, there’s a good chance that your sinus cavities are congested. These types of ailments are entirely curable; your cavities can be safely drained, which will reduce or eliminate your pain and provide you with long-lasting relief.

At CT Sinus Center, our balloon sinus dilation procedure is an excellent option for those who suffer from regular sinus ailments – not to mention, it’s the only procedure known to have permanent results.

One patient who benefitted from balloon sinus dilation is Devon Richtmeyer. Devon spent a lifetime dealing with recurring sinus infections until she decided to take permanent action. She discovered the unique balloon procedure at CT Sinus Center, and decided to make an appointment to discuss whether the procedure was right for her condition.

Soon after, Dr. Chris Loughlin met with Devon and determined that the balloon sinus dilation procedure was in fact the best fit for her specific symptoms.  During the consultation process, Dr. Loughlin explained everything that was going to occur during the procedure, including how she wouldn’t miss work, wouldn’t be subject to anesthesia, and would be in and out within 90 minutes. He made Devon aware of every step, laying them out in full detail before booking the follow-up.

After undergoing the procedure, Devon immediately noticed a difference. “It was a noticeable change in ease of breathing, and I haven’t had any other sinus infections since then, which is exciting,” said Devon. “The ease of breathing is the [most important] thing for me. It’s been awesome.”

That awesome feeling that Devon felt after receiving permanent sinus relief is something that you can experience, too, starting with a consultation at the CT Sinus Center. The sinus experts there will determine the cause of your sinus issues and diagnose them accordingly.  While most patients do qualify for balloon sinus dilation, those who don’t will benefit from the entire ear, nose and throat procedures and cures at the CT Sinus Center’s sister brand, Westwood ENT.  Whatever your sinus case may be, you can trust that CT Sinus Center will have the remedy for all of your sinus-related ailments.

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