The Real Costs of Allergies: Medications

Medication CostsNot long ago, in our blog “The Real Costs of Allergies,” we examined the hefty price that people who suffer from allergies pay. This cost includes anything from copays, to lost wages, to depression. In fact, in our previous blog “Say ‘No’ to Lifelong Sinus Medication,’” we shared a study by the Academy of Allergy and Asthma in Primary Care stating that (combined) per year, sinus sufferers spend $17.5 billion on health costs, lose 6 million work and school days, and make 16 million visits to the doctor. Those statistics themselves are depressing, but let’s break them down a little further and talk about the specific costs of the typical medication used to treat allergy symptoms. Please keep in mind that these prices are averages per month (unless otherwise stated) and vary based on whether they are brand name or generic, prescription or over-the-counter, out-of-pocket or covered by insurance deductibles or copays.

Average Cost of Allergy Treatments

Sure, some of these costs aren’t bad if you only have symptoms once in awhile. But if you are like most sufferers, you have them year-round, and those costs can really add up, even with insurance. And that is not even taking into account the rest of the costs you face when you have allergies as we mentioned above.

If you could, wouldn’t you want to put an end to your sinus and allergy suffering and the costs inherent in it? You may be able to at CT Sinus Center. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert physicians to see what we can do for you. When you come in, we will sit down with you and discuss your symptoms before doing thorough diagnostic testing to see exactly what is triggering your allergies. Next, in easy-to-understand language, we’ll explain our findings and treatment options. Finally, we’ll develop an individualized treatment plan that will free you from your symptoms. You may even be a candidate for one of our two outpatient procedures, both of which will permanently end your suffering in around an hour:

  • Balloon Sinus Dilation, which will reshape your nasal passages, promoting draining and natural healing
  • Turbinate Reductions, in which the tissue in the nose that supports the nasal passages is decreased, decreasing the size of the turbinate and quickly increasing airflow

Call 860-BALLOON to schedule an appointment at one of our four conveniently-located offices, and start spending your hard-earned money on things that you really want to buy.

For more information on sinus– and allergy-related conditions and treatments, visit the CT Sinus Center website and blog.

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