How Balloon Sinus Dilation Can Improve Your Life


When you suffer from chronic sinus infections, the smallest tasks can seem impossible. The debilitating pain and tenderness around your eyes, cheeks, nose, and forehead combines with bothersome congestion to make breathing difficult and daily activities a lot less fun. You feel as if you can’t get anything done when the symptoms of your chronic sinusitis are so disruptive. If you’re tired of putting up with chronic sinus issues, you may be interested in CT Sinus Center’s Balloon Sinus Dilation procedure.

This treatment option is a non-invasive procedure that offers patients long-term sinus relief. To start, our physicians will administer a local anesthetic to your nasal passages so they can insert an inflatable tube. Next, the balloon is inflated, which provides your doctor with the opportunity to drain your nasal passages using a sterile saline solution. This balloon helps open the sinus passages, which decreases the risk of symptoms returning.

We see many sinusitis cases come in, ranging from mild to severe. If the problem is serious enough, you could be a candidate for our balloon sinus dilation procedure. If you suffer from chronic sinus headaches, regular facial and sinus pain, experience repeat sinus infections that don’t respond to medication, or are regularly dizzy and disoriented as a result of sinus pressure, then this procedure is for you. The experts at CT Sinus Center can drain your nasal passages, reduce the recurrence of ailments, and provide you with long lasting, much-needed relief.

This procedure doesn’t simply treat your symptoms, it helps reshape your nasal passages, effectively eliminating the chances of continued problems. By reshaping them, it will help drainage for your sinuses while increasing airflow. This procedure also decreases the number of headaches due to sinus issues, and will give patients the long-term relief they need. Since the procedure is non-invasive, there is minimal downtime and recovery time associated with it. Many patients are back to doing the things they love the very next day.

If over the counter and prescription sinus medications are unable to provide you with effective sinus pain relief, balloon sinus dilation may be the solution for you. Schedule a consultation with the experts at CT Sinus Center to see what treatment options are available. To learn more about this procedures and others, visit our website and check-in to our blog.

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