CT Sinus Center – Testimonial: India Nazario

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“I’ve actually been suffering from allergies and all of the sinus symptoms of the pressure and congestion . . . honestly, since I was a child.”

Like many other adults, India just chalked this suffering up to a normal part of life. It certainly wasn’t pleasant, but it was just something she had to get through.

Then one day she heard about Dr. Loughlin at CT Sinus Center. India finally decided that “enough is enough” and made the appointment to go in for a consultation. She recalls that the minute she walked through the door, she was met with a friendly, smiling staff that immediately put her at ease.

And while India admits that she was nervous about Balloon Sinus Dilation, Dr. Loughlin sat down with her and thoroughly explained the entire procedure. It was then that she was “ready to go through with it and really start living.”

India’s Balloon Sinus Dilation, went seamlessly. The actual procedure usually takes about an hour and is non-evasive and done under local anesthesia. Dr. Loughlin walked her through every step, making her feel comfortable the entire time. As she left the office, just minutes after the procedure, she could breathe more easily than she had for years. And with this permanent relief, India would never have to settle for suffering through her respiratory ailments again.

India’s story is not unique. Hundreds of patients come into CT Sinus Center every year with allergy and sinusitis issues. Dr. Loughlin takes the time to personally consult with each patient to discuss her/his specific needs, concerns, and available treatment options.  

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